ACRYLIC, POLYESTER , VISCOSE, Cotton and BLENDs of Wool, PSF, ASF, Polynosic, Lycra and other


From our spinning mill in Asia we are in a position to supply the following  yarns to clients throughout the world:

ACRYLIC, POLYESTER , VISCOSE, Cotton  and Blends  of Wool, PSF, ASF, Polynosic, Lycra and other

bullet Counts 12’s Ne (20’s Nm) to 50’s Ne (84’s Nm ) 
bullet single or multi  fold
bullet Dope dyed
bullet Fibre Dyed 
bullet Yarn dyed
bullet Ecru


bullet 100% Polyester
bullet 100% Viscose
bullet 100% Acrylic
bullet 100% Wool
bullet Polyester/Viscose
bullet P/V/Wool
bullet P/V/Lycra
bullet P/V/Linen
bullet P/V/High Twists


MVS (Murata Vortex Spun) Yarns

We can offer the following MVS Yarns:

bullet 100% VISCOSE RAW WHITE  
bullet Viscose Melange (up to 50% Black)
bullet Polyester/Viscose Raw While
bullet Polyester/Viscose Melange (upto 50% Black) 


Counts:  NE 30/1, 36/1 AND NE 40/1

 We are UK representatives for BANSWARA SYNTEX LIMITED, India

Banswara Syntex believes that very good quality yarn is a pre-requisite to produce quality finished fabrics. Since the beginning, the Company has focused on innovation to meet the changing needs of the clothing & fashion industry.

It specialises in producing blends of viscose staple fibre, polyester staple fibre, acrylic staple fibre, lycra, cotton, linen and wool. It has a total production capacity of 35,460 tonnes of yarn per annum. It includes 33,300 tonnes polyester blended dyed yarns and 2160 tonnes wool mix yarn per annum. It also specialises in producing various type of fancy spun yarns.

90% of our production consists of fibre-dyed yarns only. We are one of the largest single mill setup producing spun fibre-dyed yarns in Asia.

FACILITIES: Ring spinning with Reiter auto-leveler, draw frames and Autoconers with Uster-quantum clearers. We are using LR6s for Ring Spinning. We also produce compact yarn.

THE RIGHT COLOUR: At Banswara, we do every effort to match the shade as per customers requirement. To achieve consistency throughout the batch, we offer fibre dyeing and we have created facilities for yarn and fabric dyeing.